Why are there three different adjustable speeds?

In the development of the E-Scrubber+, maximum cleaning success was valued. High rotation speeds are counterproductive in many cases. Due to the high speed, the wax and other cleaning materials will overheat. Uncontrolled and unintentional “grinding” instead of cleaning, or waxing would be the result. Furthermore, slow-rotating machines are much easier and safer to handle. Especially under water, this is extremely important.

How long are the operating hours?

Depending on the selected speed between 1 and 3 hours.

How can the E-Scrubber+ be charged?

The included charger is connected to a USB-A connector. Please make sure of min. power of >7.5 Watt (5 Vdc / 1.5 A). We do not recommend charging through a laptop computer. This can cause damage to your laptop.

How long is the charging time?

With the included USB-A charging adapter, the charging time is about 4 hours, up to 100% charge. Prerequisite is a USB-A power supply with min. 7.5W (5Vdc / 1.5A).

Is there a warranty?

Yes, we offer a warranty for the E-Scrubber+.

  • Private Customer
    24 months from delivery date
  • Business Customer
    12 months from delivery date

What are the different accessories?

In our shop there is an overview of all accessories and their possible uses.

Up to what water depth can it be used?

Up to 3 meters under water.

Does the E-Scrubber+ float?

Yes, it usually floats on the surface of the water.

What happens if it goes deeper than 3 meters of water depth?

The water pressure increases linearly to the water depth. At 3 meters of water depth, the pressure on the E-Scrubber+ is approx. 3 bar. At 6 meters of water depth already 6 bar. Our special housing can withstand very high water pressure, but water penetration could occur at a water depth of > 3 meters.

What happens when water enters the E-Scrubber+?

The water, especially in the case of salt water, can cause a short circuit in the E-Scrubber+. As a result, the device is no longer functional.

What is the function of the safety leash on the E-Scrubber+?

Especially underwater, it could happen that you react instinctively and uncontrollably. With the safety leash, the E-Scrubber+ is firmly connected to the wrist. The material of the safety leash is flexible and thus will not hurt your wrist.

What is a single-handed suction holder and where can I buy it?

The single-handed suction holder is perfectly suited to adhering to surfaces and thus providing firm support in the water. This allows you to move freely and easily in the water to clean the waterline, or the propeller. After use, please rinse with fresh water.

The single-handed suction holder is available in our online shop.

Payment & Shipping

What are the shipping costs in Germany?

Within Germany, we deliver free shipping for orders above 150 EUR (net). For orders under 150 EUR, there is a shipping/packaging fee of 8.50 EUR.

What are the shipping costs within the European Union?

Regardless of the value of the goods, we charge a flat-rate shipping fee within the European Union of EUR 16.80 and to non-EU countries EUR 25,- €.

What are the shipping costs to the USA?

From July 2021, we will have our own warehouse in the USA. For orders above 150 USD, shipping within the continental US will be free of charge. We will be happy to provide you with further details on request. Please contact us by phone: +49 7062 67596 or per E-mail: info@e-scubber.com.

We are happy to provide you with your individual shipping cost quotation from now to July 2021. Please contact us by phone: +49 7062 67596 or per E-mail: info@e-scubber.com.

What are the shipping costs worldwide?

We will be happy to provide you with further details on request. Please contact us by phone: +49 7062 67596 or per E-mail: info@e-scubber.com.

Are the sales prices on the webshop incl. Sales Tax (VAT)?

All prices mentioned on the webshop are gross prices, i.e. incl. statutory Value Added Tax.

Within Europe there are different VAT rates (VAT). How is this regulated?

We ship the goods at a specified gross selling price incl. VAT applicable in Europe, for the recipient country. Power Systems pays the respective VAT difference (compared with the 19% in Germany) to the recipient country. No VAT related actions are necessary for the end customer. We charge a single selling price for all European countries (specified on our webshop).

Is there a quantity discount?

Yes, we are happy about larger orders and will be happy to pass on the following price advantages to you. From a quantity of more than 3 sets (starter set, or set-aqua) we offer you a volume discount of 10%. For larger quantities, please contact us by phone: +49 7062 67596 or per E-mail: info@e-scubber.com.

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